Free Shipping

Thank you for purchasing a product at Little Miss Curvy or you may be here to read about delivery and returns. 

    *Delivery times may vary depending on local customs processing times.

    As the world is our oyster or so, we would like to think, Little Miss Curvy would like to embrace all of it and offer our lovely sweet customers 'Free Shipping to Anywhere'!

    1. Where do you deliver? Free Shipping to Anywhere! 

    2. How much does it cost? Delivery to you from Little Miss Curvy is Free!

    3. How long does deliver take? We do try our very best to meet the delivery timescale we quote, but occasionally a parcel can be late due to reasons out of our control. 

    The delivery companies used will be dependent on the size and weight of the parcel, so please allow from 7-30 days. I know that sounds long but it's worth it! Just in case the fabric is not available and we have to reorder but you won't be disappointed. 

    To be honest most of our lovely items you order will be delivered sooner than 30 days but if you need your item at a specific time for a special occasion please email us at and as always I will try my very best for you. 

    4. What happens if my order comes over two separate deliveries? The great thing is this will be no cost to you as all our deliveries how big or small, will always be Free

    5. Can I track my order? The team at Little Miss Curvy will keep you updated with regularly email updates throughout the entire process of your order. Once your lovely item has been shipped you will receive a tracking number, so you can track your own parcel. We will send tracking information to the email address associated with your order once the item is shipped. If you have not received an email within 2 days of your order being placed please email us at and we will be more than happy to help you. 

    6. International Custom Fees? In general, international shipments aren’t a problem for the most part, however packages can get stuck in customs sometimes for days, and sometimes longer. Little Miss Curvy are being honest and making you aware that Little Miss Curvy have no control over custom delays but we will keep you informed with tracking information. Please note; We at Little Miss Curvy are unable to account for any additional customs fees incurred after we ship our package from our facility, as custom fees vary from place to place. As, you know our shipping is free but we are unable to request additional charges as those are in place through your countries customs, specially.